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Secunda Mall, together with Cangro, are helping plant seeds of success in the local community that will flourish for years to come. As one of Secunda Mall's CSI projects for the coming year, the Cangro educational project will not only teach children about self-sustainability and recycling, but see them reap the rewards that can be gained from dedication and passion.

This is the first time the project has been rolled out in Mpumalanga, working with over 300 students from Laerskool Goedhoop. The activity will run for 8 weeks with the children being asked to care, water and feed their tomato plant, with the aim of growing the largest plant. On 8 May, 15 finalists will be announced by Secunda Mall, with a voting process determining the winners.

The grand prize handover took place on 16 May 2014.