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Secunda Mall allows the opportunity for non-permanent tenants or organisations to display their products or services at one of our six courts in the centre.

With an average of 168 000 visitors per week exhibitions at Secunda Mall is an excellent way to obtain the needed exposure for your brand.

Why Exhibit at Secunda Mall?

Affordable exhibition space is available at Secunda Mall. Many brands, agencies and retailers do promotions annually using Secunda Mall as a platform to reach their target market. It certainly is “where the people are”. In fact, thousands of people visit Secunda Mall. At Secunda Mall, we understand that access to our consumers provides companies, brands and retailers a clear and competitive edge in today’s cluttered marketplace. Reach and frequency is optimal; especially when shoppers are predisposed to making a purchase.

Secunda Mall provides turn-key opportunities to cross-promote products, demonstrations, sales promotions, special events, community partnerships and more. Customized marketing programs can also be developed to increase brand awareness. Start using Secunda Mall’s premium court spaces to communicate face-to-face and enhance your relationship with your target shopper.

  Secunda Mall Exhibition Rate Card 2019
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  The exhibition house rules

Exhibition Court Details

  • All exhibitions run from a Tuesday to a Monday
  • All prices quoted exclude VAT
  • All rates are subject to change without notice
  • A fully signed contract is required two weeks prior to the exhibition
  • Booking is only confirmed once full payment is received at least a week prior to the exhibition
  • Public liability of R10 000 000 is required
  • Set up only permitted upon receipt of signed contract with public liability and payment is received in full
  • Set up is only permitted outside of centre trading hours

Exhibitions Courts

Upper level courts:
  • Woolworths | Jet 3 x 5m2
  • Woolworhts | Due South 3 x 5m2
  • Total Sports | Truworths 13 x 5m2

Lower level courts:
  • Imraan | MTN 3 x 5m2
  • Trapers | MTN 3 x 5m2
  • Hi-Fi Corp 3 x 5m2
  • Incredible Connection 3 x 5m2
  • Verimark | Contempo 3 x 5m2
  • Vodacom | PNA 3 x 5m2